_ Ulica Lubartowska 31 | Ulrike Grossarth

Ulica Lubartowska 31

Lublin 2015-20

Lubartowska Street, lined with shops and market areas, is one of Lublin’s main arteries. Having ambled along here for years and studied historical photographs, especially from the archive of Stefan Kiełsznia, I am familiar with the street at various times of the day and year. In 2011, the running / Lubartowska project was the first of its kind to create a resonance space in which many shops and institutions were involved.

Through the mediation of ‘Teatr NN’, a former tailor’s shop was rented in 2015. It is located in a courtyard on that side of Lubartowska Street which, until 1942, also marked the border of the ghetto.

For many years, I had regularly taken photographs in this courtyard during my visits and made the acquaintance of the old business owners, among them Pan Adam Nieznaj, whose small tailor’s workshop I have rented.

It provides an opportunity to set up a projection space for questions arising from the study of the Kiełsznia archives, as well as for the motifs I have collected over the last ten years of research in the Lublin area and in Western Ukraine, including quotations from Jewish wisdom teachings.