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Transfer of Lublin themes to other exhibition venues

Works in the exhibition 'Circular Flow', Kunstmuseum Basel/ Gegenwart 

0/ Remnants of added value, Ulrike Grossarth

In this room the results of different work phases are shown merged under the title O/ remnants of added value. First, the visualisation of economic terms and fictitious exchange actions during the 'public exercises' from the 90s in Berlin. It dealt with the question of value creation as an abstract construct that occurs in everyday practice as a social “illusion”.
Furthermore I have been working since 2006 on ensembles with materials out of archives, which I collected over the years, consisting of photos, posters, newspaper clippings and photographic research results from Central-Eastern European regions.
The intention is to process and link the material in addition to texts, especially through visual media, such as drawings, projections, development of symbols, allegories, figures, as well as in performative formats and staging of social events.
An essential role in this approach is the confrontation with motifs from the illustrated books of the french Encyclopédie Diderot & D’Alembert of 1751, as „prerecorded material“ of the Enlightenment period.

see also: https//grossarth.circularflow.eu