_ SYMBOL gotowe for Bruno Schulz | Ulrike Grossarth

SYMBOL gotowe for Bruno Schulz

Drohobycz, Ukraine 2012

For the 5th International Bruno Schulz Festival in 2012 in Drohobycz I developed a project that took place in the market square and the Great Synagogue there. I wished to practice a different understanding of exchange by introducing slight differences to fundamental rules of economics, so that the object itself became the symbol of the exchange, i.e. the means of payment. The rules of creation of value, which are abstract in themselves, were thus disrupted. What occurs, in my opinion, is a transformation into something poetic, along the lines described by Bruno Schulz in his treatise on ‘The Mythologizing of Reality’, (Cinnamon Shops/  Sklepy Cynamonowe, 1934): ‘Poetry happens when short-circuits of sense occur between words, a sudden regeneration of the primeval myths.’