_ SYMBOL gotowe/ trading | Ulrike Grossarth

SYMBOL gotowe/ trading

Dresden/ Lublin 2013

The drawings SYMBOL gotowe/ trading are concerned with the act of trading itself. This complex of works was inspired by a specific photo of ulica Nowa 7 by Stefan Kiełsznia. The photo shows a tailor shop window with the words ‘Ubiory gotowe’, the Polish term for ready-made clothes.

It is a sunny day, and behind the window a sun blind has been pulled down halfway. The lettering of the word ‘gotowe’ appears as a silhouette on the blind and on a coat that becomes visible behind it. The shadow matters as a factor of spatial layering of word shapes. The play of light and shadow reveals a level that provided me with a vision of the split in the acts of consciousness pertaining to the relationship between signifier and signified.