_ Poland | Ulrike Grossarth


I have been travelling through Poland since 1982. Initially, the occasion to go there was the strengthening of the Solidarność trade union. At that time, I was actively engaged in F.I.U. (Free International University), an initiative founded by Joseph Beuys, where alternatives for a different social future were being discussed. The interest in the events in Poland was thus bound to occur. After years of often lengthy research during my sojourns in Auschwitz, my interest has shifted to south-east Poland since 2006.

Starting from Lublin, where many artistic projects have been realised in collaboration with the team of ‘Ośrodek Brama Grodzka - Teatr NN’, I am interested in the area between Lublin and Lviv (presently Ukraine), an area of Europe strongly characterised by political upheaval and change, and where the Nazi tyranny has left its sinister marks.