_ Basic Space 1986-1989 | Ulrike Grossarth

Basic Space 1986-1989

My first visual works during a residence at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin were concerned with models of states of consciousness, with the illustration of staggered arrangements and stratifications in the “space” of perception and thinking. Thus, the themes I dealt with at the beginning were reflection, projections and the simplest animation of material. Works like Auxiliary Bodies and Obstacle of Action, for instance, were materialisations of borders—what borders in particular remains unclear at first. As far as the auxiliary bodies were concerned, this was simply a gesture of exclusion and inclusion. The first sculptures were expressions of the material used and the manufacturing conditions. No “surplus value” was achieved.

Looking back, they were attempts to grasp and comprehend something, attempts of a consciousness groping into a field I subsequently unfolded for years. In further years, the motifs and methods permanently expanded, and they still continue to do so. Here are some hints at them:
Methods: pouring, diving, removing cores, condensing, throwing
Motifs: holes, circles, shadows, rods, light as a form without body, plants as a form without consciousness, bread, (metaphors).